Frequently Asked Questions

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House and car
  • How do I add a car to my policy? When do I go to The DMV?
  • Call, fax, email or stop by with the vehicle info before you go to the DMV. We will provide you with the insurance card to take with you to get your plates.
  • How do I remove a car from my insurance policy?
  • You will need to surrender the plates to the DMV and provide us with the FS-6 receipt from the DMV. The vehicle comes off the day the plates are turned in, so don't delay.
  • Why is my house insured for more than I can sell it for?
  • The market value, or what you can sell the house for, and the replacement value, or the approximate cost to rebuild your home, are different. We recommend all primary residences be insured for the replacement cost to make sure that you have enough coverage to rebuild, with no depreciation holdback, if you suffer a total loss.
  • Do I need to have insurance in order to register my boat?
  • No. New York has no compulsory liability law for boats. You do not need insurance to register your boat. However, we strongly suggest insuring all watercraft before you operate them.
  • Is my vehicle, boat, camper, cycle, ATV or snowmobile covered on my home policy if it's inside my garage or barn?
  • No. Any motorized vehicle other than those used to maintain the property, like a riding lawnmower or tractor, are excluded and need their own insurance coverage.
  • How can I make my insurance less expensive?
  • Call us at 315-699-2761 and ask how!